Bathing Services


If your pet(s) stays in the hotel for 7 paid days or longer in a row, we will bathe and brush them for FREE before you check them out.


Bathing rates per request:

Small Dog (Short hair) = $15-$20

Small Dog (Long hair) = $20-$25
Medium Dog (Short hair) = $25-$30

Medium Dog (Long hair) = $30-$35
Large Dog (Short hair) = $35-$40

Large Dog (Long hair) = $35-$40
*Additional charges depend upon coat condition i.e. Matting, Skunk, etc.


Self-Service Bath:

Small Dog (30lbs and under) = $10
Medium Dog (31-60lbs) = $15
Large Dog (61lbs and up) = $20

*Price Includes:
Aprons, Towels, Shampoo, Conditioner, Brushes, Blowers, & Cologne.

Nail Trims:

All nail trims are $10

FREE Nail Trim can be given by a staff member at owner's request when you purchase a Bath & Brush.*


​Brush Out: $10

Call to schedule an